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Fuel/Ethanol Tips:


In the Chicagoland area (as with many other areas throughout the United States) it is mandatory that the gasoline we buy is comprised of 10% ethanol. The problem? Ethanol is very good at pulling water out of the air which can collect inside your gas tank. Once the ethanol attracts enough water it will start to phase seperate from the rest of your gasoline and settle at the botom of your tank where the gas pickup is. This ethanol/water mixture can make your motor run poorly, stop running, and/or corrode & erode its rubber and metal components.

While there is no way to rid yourself of the ethanol, there are measures you can take to help prevent some of the above mentioned issues.

  • STORE YOUR TANK EMPTY: The old adage was to always store your gas tank full in order to cut down on condensation. Presently, many motor manufacturers are recommending that you not only store your gas tank empty during the winter, but when you go boating for the day, try and fill your gas tank only with as much fuel as you think you might use for the day.
  • INSTALL A WATER SEPERATING FUEL FILTER: Install a water seperating fuel filter in between the gas tank and motor. A 10 micron filter should be used instead of the standard 25 micron filter.
  • FRESH FUEL: Buy your gas from a busy gas station. By doing so you are less likely to get gas with water already in it.


Ever wonder what happens to ethanol when it sits in your carburetor for an extended period of time?




Paddle Qwest Maintenance:

It is important to perform annual maintenance on your Paddle Qwest boat if you want to increase its longevity and maintain its ease of operation. Just follow the 4 steps found below to make sure your Paddle Qwest is maintained properly.

1) Grease all 9 bearings once a year for non-rental use (locations shown in image below).  Use a waterproof grease such as Evinrude's Marine EP bearing grease #775778 (14 oz tube).

2) Lube chain - as you would a bicycle chain.

3) Adjust chain tension - if chain is loose. 

4) Extend steering , at rudder, so that the internal steering arm may be cleaned and greased.  Wipe on EP bearing grease described above (or equivalent).

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